Motorcycle Helmet!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, May 16, 2011.

  1. I just bought.

    You prolly won't like it, but that's ok.
  2. lol why
    fullface Shoei here
  3. You gonna get some flip flops for that CBR600?
  4. good lookin helmet, +1

    prefer full face ones though
  5. if you ride a cbr600 you probably should just wear your normal TAPOUT t-shirt and cargo jorts, oakley flak jackets with no helmet and hope for the best.
  6. Leather cap old chap
  7. If you go and get a BT set for that, I assume you dont ride alone..., report how it works.

    I would think the headsets have evolved a bit from the model I have (Midland BT2). It did not work well at least from bike to bike, might have worked better between rider and passenger. (Whats a motorcycle passenger called?)
  8. You gonna use that at st marteen? Display that v card
  9. if you had a vanceman family face youd want to show it off
  10. visor flipped up at all times
    shirt off
  11. vanceman toes on display
    but still need secure footwear
    both sandal straps securely velcroed
    excess straplength hanging off end like you just dont care
  12. some blonde on the back with bottle of bier in one hand.
  13. If I had those biceps I wouldn't care about he excess straplength either
  14. Wheelman's best feature is his granite jawline.
  15. Came to say this. Leather ``helmet``, goggles. Like the Nazis from the motorcycle chase scenes in the indiana jones movie.
  16. Based on my Top Gun callsign 'Viper' research I think this is what Wheelman will be working with in 40 years time.
  17. the thing is excess straplength makes it look like you just dont care
    which is a lot cooler than being all tidy like some cranky V
  18. arai or gtfo
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  21. Agreeing with the full face vibe.
  22. nice helmet, speed racer
  23. full face helmets look appropriate when you're riding a modern bike. my bike is an old clunker that only goes as fast as a new vespa, so I bought a cheaper helmet since I won't need an expensive racing helmet.
  24. Indians safety wear for Yamaha RX100 speeds is a pair of sandals, for when you need to use left and right foot braking.

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