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  1. So, I kinda want a motorcycle.

    Will I die every time I ride? I'm a terrible drummer because of poor hands/feet coordination. Will this ruin my chances of successfully driving a motorbike?

    How many times can I expect to be murdered by cagers? Is this a daily occurrence or something that only happens occasionally? I'd rather not die.

    The roads around here are terrible. The Romans were building better roads 2000 years ago. Should I just get a dirt bike? Something with some suspension travel that I can jump over traffic?

    I'd like something like a Honda CBR250R or a KTM RC390. I'm a slow driver anyway so I don't need anything that will go 200+
  2. I'm kinda in the same boat.

    The KTM RC390 looks like an amazing package, but I'm wondering if my tendencies will make me ride it swiftly into a coffin.

    Part of me really wants a Royal Enfield more than anything.
  3. Every third bike I see here is a Kawasaki Ninja 250R. I think it looks better than the Honda CBR250R. They don't sell the KTM RC200 here.

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  4. Yeah as suggested get a 250/300, twin cylinder something. honda = reliable. a dirt bike will be super #$%#ing uncomfortable after not very long at all.

    More important than the bike you buy is the training you receive. Invest in as much rider training as you can, and don't skimp on safety gear like some braindead squid
  5. Get a hayabusa and strap the helmet to the rear fairing like the cool guys do
  6. bmw/triumph
  7. Just go test drive some bikes man

    How else are you going to know what kind of riding position you like and what's a good size for you?

  8. I have yet to find a modern bike with worse brakes than Hayabusa
  9. i think riding a motorcycle on the road with other people is a terrible idea
    id love to ride motorcycles, but i think id do track only

    too many opportunities to maim yourself, and its not even up to you whether or not you die
    the best rider could be conquered by a 17 yr old in a nissan rogue looking for the 100 emoji
  10. Yes. Buy one.

    No, you will not die. From what I know of you, you already have much life, you will have a bit more then. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Definitely join clubs that do track days.

    Most people, myself included have had their closest call early on in a situation, where you have a bit too much speed and can just turn and not run wide. Please have this moment somewhere with run of areas. Preferably with company if help is needed.

    Ride to all those amazing places in America. I will make a road trip there some day. Promised myself.

  11. I had my first "run wide off the road" moment into a ditch within an hour of setting off for the first time. A man with a tractor pulled it out, I straightened the forks, and carried on riding!

    The second time it happened it was a write-off.
  12. You should get the new Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle, looks really nice.

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  13. I gotta say Rob, I wouldn't test fate again

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  14. That's my intention. I'm really looking at anything under 500cc.
  15. you can ride with CR like me and my gf in this pic my buddy took of us

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  16. Is that a yoshibishi exahust
  17. worst idea for a new rider
  18. Ugh......

    Rob. Get a bike. Yes you'll die. But it's worth it. As mentioned just test ride some.
    Look at some supermotos. They are a lot of fun.
  19. yoshi R-77 there, bud

    also, i have an aftermarket sprocket. gonna get my fairings race painted and hid lights next
  20. i don't really post many pics of myself here so instead of flipping your ass off again ill take the higher road and bring something back from the past. so heres a kiss, hater

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  21. Lol. I wasn't hating. I just cringe any time I see some one riding with shorts on. I've had too many bouts with asphalt to risk it myself anymore.
  22. ya there awesome,but you will probably crash at some point ... I've only crashed mine once and came out unhurt and bike was pretty good after some new parts. Have had too many close calls though , it is really scary to think about how close some have been.

    I would go something 500cc , 600 if you can afford the insurance , the bigger rear tire is nice but all are fun
  23. Rob, seriously I felt the exact same way you do about bikes.

    Suzuki TU-250x is the best choice for you, check it out
  24. 500 cc is more fun than 250. 1000cc isn't necessarily more fun than 500.
  25. Buy a 1970's Honda 350 or 400. You can get them cheap, they look great and are fun to ride, and they're slow and steady, great learner bikes. You can't hurt yourself or get a speeding ticket.

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