MotorTrend says Nissan not lying about GT-R HP

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    I am really truly sorry to create another GT-R thread, but then again, I don't really care.

    MotorTrend says Nissan not lying about GT-R horsepower

    by Jeremy Korzeniewski on Dec 30th 2008 at 7:01PM

    Last summer, Motor Trend estimated that the Nissan GT-R made at least 507-horsepower at the crank, which is quite a bit more than the manufacturer's official 480-horse rating. Now, MT decided to put to rest the firestorm it created by strapping yet another GT-R to a new type of dynamometer that's reportedly capable of calculating exact drivetrain losses, something that had previously been nothing more than an estimation. Three runs were conducted, and Godzilla delivered figures that were consistently within just a few percentage points of each other. So, what's the scoop?

    According to MT, the average of those three separate dyno runs reveals that Nissan's supercar is delivering 485-horsepower @ 6050 rpm and 470 lb-ft @ 3800 rpm. That's nearly spot on for horsepower, but a good deal more torque at the crank than its official 430 lb-ft. -- we're not complaining. These tests also prove that there are indeed significant losses due to the GT-R's twin-clutch, all-wheel drive configuration, though that's also what helps launch the supercar from a dead-stop so quickly. Thanks for the tip, Franz!
  2. why is this such an issue?
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  4. Motor Trend says a lot of things... i.e. 0-60 in 4.4 seconds for a TRD Tundra.
  5. falling off a cliff... of course thats true, like mount everest
  9. It limits its HP when the GPS shows that it isnt moving.
  10. Where is Ron Simmions?
  12. He drove off a cliff.
  14. it would be smarter than you
  16. Told you so. It just makes sense.
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  18. Motor Trend is like fake gossip News Papper .. they just put what people would like to read ! I remember when they claimed 0-60 3-sec on the Zonda S just to show this car was a lambo killer (which it is) but obviously Zonda S don't make that time ... They just want to sell !
  19. it makes sense that the "480hp", 1800kg GTR accelerates just as rapidly as the 530hp, 1400kg 997 GT2?
  21. Yes it does. It uses launch control to be faster than the gt2. It can't do that with out it.

    Plus from a roll most other cars destroy it because of its lack of horse power in comparison.

    Its gearing also helps its from zero to 120 times.

    On the race track it makes up all its time in the corners thanks to its awd and instant on power (yes only limited to 480 hp)

    Being dual clutch helps it switch gears faster as well.
  22. actually saying that it had more hp than what nissan said would be more news that just confirming the real power
  23. WHO GIVES A #$%#!?

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