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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Especially for posts. The avatar thing isn't really a big deal though, most people here are pretty static about their avatars.

    I just hope they never enable pictures in sigs and quotes.. forums with those are annoyingly tacky.
  2. No, everything loads nice and fast now, plus tons of gifs clutter everything
  3. lol @ being a member of teams/crews on the forums.
  4. I'm curious on why they haven't moved to apache and something such as vbulletin. This site has the least features, worse search engine and always seems slow as hell compared to other sites. I'm just curious on how hard/expensive it would be. I would think the thread ID, username, timestamp, and actual message wouldn't be impossible to convert to a different database.

    Granted they would pretty much be redesigning a whole site and system, but to me the advantages outweigh the disadvantages $$$ wise and growth.

    But what the hell do I know...
  5. because vbulletin is shit and this forum is a bazzillion times better
  6. No, the problem was there was effectively no size limit, so everyone had massively huge (file-size-wise) avatars, and it slowed the pages down like woah.
  7. this site is faster than any other forums i visit.

    the best thing about it is that its so simple and clean. I hate the complex look of generic Vbulliten sites.
  8. Gentlemen,

    A wise man once said, one who controls the money controls the masses. This is why i keep my money is Swiss banks.
  9. yes yes v. funny

    Have you so quickly forgotten the days of morons with 3.2mb gifs of a Ferrari drifting around a corner in their avatar, hmmm?

  10. I agree. Most of the mainstream message board progs are way bloated with every feature under the sun: does just was it needs to.

    The only major problem with, besides the off bug when the severs are acting up, is that it loses count of posts/pages w/ long threads.
  11. I think im just used to vbullentin to where it doesn't bother me. I don't mind the look of this site (I agree it's simple and clean.) I'd probably have a change of heart if they added a better search feature, a way to list threads you've recently participated in, and the ability to add .gifs, flash video, and images hosted elsewhere.

    Not sure if it's easier for them to program this outright, or move to something such as Vbullentin.
  12. Gentlemen,

    A wise man once said, one who controls the money controls the masses. This is why i keep my money is Swiss banks
  13. back then i had 56k...

    but a size limit would be nice.
  14. the search feature works well now. (ok, its a bit lacking in features, but you can find what you want very easily usually)

    another one of the great things about this site is all of the images are hosted on the server. This means we don't have to have HTML in posts, which adds more to the clean look of the site. I hate threads where there are random full size pictures everywhere.
  15. 100%
  16. moving gifs in posts only
  17. Not really.
  18. no, because I'm a homo
  19. Just size-cap them and go for it.
  20. I'd probably score even lower than 30 if I had the possibility to pick NEVER instead of RARELY, methinks.

    edaet: HAHA, WRONG THREAD!@
  21. i got rid of all my old avatars...damn
  22. As "cool" as it would be to have animated avatars, I definitely prefer the site without them. I really don't care much about avatars, and it just makes the page look stupid to see a bunch of little animations going that have nothing to do with anything.
  23. both please.
  24. Yes, I want moving gifs in both cases
  25. I want to bring my old avatar back...

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