MR VETTE is a liar

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 944turb0, May 27, 2007.

  1. I'm in the defending stance, the general practice is for YOU to prove me wrong, rather than for me to prove a positive.
  2. Well, that's all you know how to do, so it's really not all that much fun to get into a flame war with you.
  3. Hey, man, YOU'RE the one that brought me into this thread, should've stuck to Mr Vette.
  4. "I've already shown I know a hell of a lot more than you do, constantly and consistently."

    That's not a defensive statement, so you need to back up your claim, dolt.
  5. Oh no! I've brought you into this, can't back out now. I have a feeling you'll end up banned by the end of this day.
  6. MR VETTE wanted to have sex w/ a Lion.
  7. "You don't know shit aobut cars and you're a moron/liar"

    That statement was made towards me, dolt, next time read the entire thread.
  8. I heard you wanted to have sex with your sister. You some kind of inbred sister f**ker?
  9. And you didn't refute it, you made a counter-claim and didn't back it up. Now prove that you indeed know more than 944turb0 or commit seppuku for having disgraced your forum forebearers.
  10. Sincerely doubt it.

    Hey, you want to back out, that's fine.
  11. Sorry, you heard wrong, I was talking about YOUR sister, until I found out she was dating your dad. Decided not to get involved with your whole family love thing you've got going on.
  12. BACK OUT OF WHAT? God damn, oyu're such an annoying shit. You're jsut like all tohse other morons we had in the past only you're like 100x more annyoing, you're all over the place with your retarded posts. Seriously, gtfo.
  13. Actually, I was here before 944 was.

    The originating claim in a counter-claim must be proven to either be a negative or a positive before the counter-claim is brought to light. *shrugs* The ball is in 944's court.
  14. "can't back out now"

    Can you not remember what you post after you hit the "upload" button?
  15. Wow, this is serious business for you, isn't it?
  16. That doesn't mean anything, you made a claim, when you do that, you have to back it up.

    No it doesn't, at any moment in a debate a counter-claim can be proven or disproven, there's no need to disprove the originating claim first. Either way, you have to back-up your claim when you make it, regardless.
  17. I don't like false claims made against me.
  18. You shouldn't make false claims then.
  19. This thread is lul.
  20. It's not liek there were any false claims made agaisnt him in the first place.
  21. It comes down to the defending stance, my friend.
  22. Again, prove them false. It was a defending statement.
  23. What the #$%# is this shit?
  24. Regardless of your stance, you have to back your own claims. If you were merely refuting, then everything would be fine, but you made a concrete claim regarding your comparative intelligence to 944turb0. You then provided no evidence that your claim was in fact correct. Whether you're on defense or not, you still have to back up any claims you make, the opposing side then has to pick holes in your claim. If you provide no evidence, then your statement is isn't valid. Therefore, until you prove it, you can't claim you're smarter than 944turb0 and sound like anything other than the raging tool you really are.

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