MR VETTE is a liar

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 944turb0, May 27, 2007.

  2. SHUT THE #$%# UP YOU SON OF A #%[email protected]
  3. I can't prove it false, you never bothered supporting it in the first place with evidence. You can't argue a statement to be false if it hasn't been supported to be true in the first place. Your very actions suggest your claim to be false.
  4. Go stick your head back up your ass.
  5. good job making sense there
  6. You've mentioned the "first place" twice in this post alone, trying replying to 944 this time and ask him to prove his claim is true, since he made the claim in the "first place".
  7. Please, educate me, how would you reply to a statement such as: "SHUT THE #$%# UP YOU SON OF A #%[email protected]"
  8. In your case, I'd take his advice
  9. I don't care whether his claim is true or false, that has no bearing on the validity of your claim. It's not as though if his claim is proved either way it will have any effect on your claim. YOU have to back YOUR claim with EVIDENCE. You can't just make a claim and leave it on its own, it can't prove itself.
  10. Because my screen name isn't "wheelman", "944turb0", "The FBI" or some other members that the lot of you bow down to, I should roll over and let anybody say anything they want to/or about me.

    Very well then, I'll be the one to "back off".
  11. No, but making sense would help your case a lot.
  12. Chances are, people talking to you in a certain way for a reason
  13. why didnt you write "babyfacedxb" ?
  14. How dare you #$%#ers hi-jack a thread about flaming me!!
  15. Mr VETTE also claimed that his corvette could do over 200 mph or some crazy shit
  16. His other accout in 1supra1
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  18. What thread is the proofs in?
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  20. Stop your lies you leftist ghetto trashcan!
  21. Haha I totally forgot the twins. That part is definately true.
  22. Who me? Nope this is my only account.
  24. I need to find my thread about him lying about the cougar and such.

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