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    The MT900S is so much cooler, but the profile looks too much like a Saleen S7. 4 nice pics of it go to
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    It may resemble the Saleen S7, but the MT900 was out first.
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    I like the fact its so light. I can only imagine what this car would do with the lingenfelter 427 CID TT setup under its engine bay. WHOO!

    0 - 60 in 1.2 secs maybe ?
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    The had it, I think it was called the 900TT, it had the twin turbo LS1 engine in it. It was called the fastest car you could buy, however noone ordered it.
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    *Dull thud as jaw hits carpeted floor*
    Wow. This car is beautiful. Is the reason noone ordered the TT beacuse it is just too fast?
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    What do you think it would be like to put a Bitchin' viper V-10 twin turbo under it's hood?
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