Mugen takes on the Honda Stream

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    Unlikely State Of Tune: Mugen takes on the Honda Stream

    by Jonathon Ramsey on Jun 28th 2009 at 8:07PM

    You wanted something sporty, but due to additions to the family, a minivan is as athletic as its going to get. But if that minivan is the 2010 Honda Stream, you can still satisfy your sporty urges thanks to Mugen. The practically in-house tuner has developed a full line of interior, exterior, aero, performance, handling and cosmetic parts for the people mover -- from typical Mugen mods like spoilers and wheels to a performance air filter and TypeT touring brake pads. If you add the sport suspension to your minivan, well, maybe you really do need to get a different car.

    [Source: Mugen]
  2. the front almost looks good in these pics, shame it probably wouldnt IRL
  3. Haha, thats awesome
  4. Now this looks good.
  5. I'd drive it.
  6. Needs duel exhaust. Does it have v-tech yo?
  7. Looks whack from the side.
  8. Stream of p1ss
  9. fat accord wagon??
  10. rims are no good
  12. Streaming pile of shit.

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