Murcielago means

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  1. The word Murcielago means-BAT
    Diablo means devel.
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    both words are spanish although Lambo is Italian!!!!!!

    and they got Murcielago from a butt that took 26 sword strikes and kept on fighting, the fight was stopped, and that bulls offspring now compete in the modern bull fights!!!!! (suppodesely the bravest and best fighting of them all!!)
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    Both names are spanish because bull fighting is from Spain, not Italy.
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    Murcielago was named after a spanish bull that was stabbed 27 times in the back of the neck, and still lived.In italian means bat but was named after the spanish bull. Countach means "holy cow".

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    The matador spared his life because of his strength. They used "Bat" the bull for breeding and his "family" is still around. It's a VERY rare occasion when a bulls life is spared.
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    I'm not sure if Murcielago means bat in Italian also. BTW, in what Language does Countach mean "holy cow"? I read that Countach was a word that came from some sort of primitve Italian dialect. It was something that Northern Italians might say to a pretty girl. It is supposed to be offensive. Someone exclaimed "Countach!" when he saw the car, and that is how it got its name.
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    hehe, holy cow, devil, and bat. What a family <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->

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