Murcielago R-GT

Discussion in '2002 Lamborghini Murciélago' started by 1 Evolution VIII, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. this is the racing version of the murcielago, it has been converted from awd to rwd and the weight trimmed to 2425 lbs still similar mechanics. The price will be over 500,000US$ but i don't know if it will go on sale. It will most likely be seen in in the FIA GT Championship and American Le Mans Series.
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    i don't know why the thumbnail isn't working but the full size does!
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    that thing is sweet!
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    that car looks awsome lowered and the wheels their soo damn chunky <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I knew that lambo would sumday make a rwd murcielago.

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    This thing has the potential to beat the crap out of the 360 Gt's and porsche 911 GT3's in the GT series
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    look at this rear wing!!

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