Murcielago VS Techart 997 Turbo end in tears

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Da Fizza, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Idiots deserved it. Nasty wheels on the Porsche.
  2. If they were at 300km/h that cars wouldn't look like that, in fact I highly doubt they were over 180km/h
  5. -Hey man, you just fvcked up your lamborghini/porsche.
  6. Damn red turtle shells.
  7. This is not ending in tears. This ended in awesomeness. I'd #$%#ing love to crash at some insanely high speed and survive in decent condition. If I were one of these guys I'd be sitting in the hospital talking to the other guy about how awesome it was.
  8. You are such a #$%#ing moron. It's really unbelievable sometimes.
  9. You wouldn't think it's cool to have had the experience of surviving an insane, super high speed car crash? Some of the coolest things that can possibly happen to you in life are horribly #$%#ed up things that occur, but you survive relatively unscathed. Like war, or a plane crash, or a ship wreck, etc. It's kind of like an adventure. As long as you don't get crippled I can only see this as a great story to tell to the grandchildren about you're days of youth and stupidity.
  10. exer LOL™
  11. sorry, but I think a war veteran would #%[email protected] slap you if they heard you say that war was one "of the coolest things that can possibly happen".
  12. Some might. However many war veterans (especially WWII, not disgruntled Vietnam vets) think that it was a very important part of their life. Filled with tragedy? Yes. However after the fact it gives you a sense of having done something out of the ordinary. Such events always suck during them, it's after the fact that you can appreciate them for the experience you've had. That's how MANY vets feel about their time fighting in wars. Watch the History Channel a bit and you'll see endless WWII vets who say things like that.
  13. I'm not even going to dignify this with a proper response. If you can't figure out why you're being a retard here, there's just no point trying.
  14. Today I had a dream were I was a german soldier in WWII, not kidding, and Cuba Gooding Jr was another private in my squad. During half of the dream I was drinking uruguayan beer while killing allies and defending oil refineries. What the #$%#.
  15. lol
  16. Passion overload.
  17. those wheels actually look pretty mad IRL
  18. they could have given them to me instead.
  19. You have awesome dreams. I've NEVER ONCE had a dream about being a Nazi soldier. It's so unfair. You're not even German for Christs sake! You should have had a dream about being a drunk Italian soldier surrendering when the first American army unit showed up, and then getting more drunk with the Americans and eating Spaghetti. The Cuba Gooding Jr thing is a little weird, him being a negro and all. Were you SS or Wehrmacht? A black man in an SS uniform would be even weirder than one in the Wehrmacht.
  20. Also you people who don't agree about being in a war, or a car crash, or WTF ever insane shit being cool suck. Like I said it's traumatic, insane, horrible, and all kinds of other nasty stuff... BUT THAT'S THE POINT. Life is boring as shit for your average person, and to have crazy things like that happen and to survive is the ultimate thrill. If you want to live your whole life going to a 9-5 job, sitting on the couch watching TV with your wife and kids, having BBQs, retiring and taking up a gardening hobby, and then dieing without anything crazy/#$%#ed up happening to you... Well you're lame as hell. A life like that is not worth living.
  21. lol

    This much idiocy is like grounds for a banning or something.

    You get 'lulzy' by the post...
  22. Wehrmacht. And #$%# I just remembered more about the dream: in one part we escaped in like a ferry or something and in the ferry there was an A-Team van, Mr.T was there and at that moment a B52 went kmaikaze on us and crashed the ferry. Then we all became action figure versions of ourselves, like those "MiniMates" figures...

    I'm going crazy.
  23. I'll never get banned. I haven't in like 8 years or WTF ever it's been. Not even temporarily. I am that awesome.

    In any event I'm half serious, and half kidding. I honestly can't see how anyone would want to live a stereotypical mediocre life where nothing interesting ever happened to you. It'd be like living in hell. As I said, sure being in a war is horrible, but that IS the point. Overcoming bad things in life is what makes life worth living. If there is nothing to overcome then there is no point. People that are soooo bland as to not see the thrill of living through horrible events fail.
  24. LOLWUT!?!?!?

    That is awesome. I haven't had a super crazy dream in a long time, I need to soon. And YES, you are CLEARLY going crazy.
  25. Point is no one wanted to fight a war. People don't try and get into stupid shit.

    It was forced upon them unlike these #%$s who couldn't find a nice piece of track/empty stretch of the Autobahn (Whatever bit is left) to try this shit.

    Stop posting your thoughts.

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