Murikan film habits

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  1. I watched a film from USA. There were some habits that didn't seem very practical:

    -Always leaving the fridge door open after taking something from the fridge

    -Drinking max. 10% of ordered drink

    -Going straight to bed with dirty shoes on


    Do people actually live like this?

    Another thing that bothers me is that in films it's far too easy to find the vaginal opening but it's an international phenomenon.
  2. Hanging up the phone without saying goodbye
  3. Chicks get angry and cry about absolutely everything in movies.

    Also, when people talk on a landline in their home in movies, they have this amazing cord that can allow them to walk all over the house with the receiver as they look out of windows. Is is getting more rare though, as cellulaires are reality.
  4. When some big event happens, and the camera cuts to each character one by one to show their reaction. Of course katherine heigl makes a sad face when the old woman is on her death bed.
    #$%# i hate grey's anatomy
  5. Chuck a wad of cash/change at the taxi driver, assuming it's enough.
  6. That first bit is something that always bugs me about movies where the lead character is a woman. They always try to portray themselves as a strong independent person, but they break down and can't actually do anything for themselves. It strains credibility as a character and just makes the writing weakness apparent.
  7. You can shoot a gun forever with reloading
  8. all IP addresses in hacking scenes are not RFC971 compliant
  9. Must watch Top Secret again some time.
  10. How silly can you get?
  12. the swat/military routine where the leader makes hand and arm gestures indicating someone is on the other side of a wall
  13. All hackers and computer geniuses are surprisingly young despite the fact that a single dos manual probably weighs more than 50 android tablet manuals and will only be in English.
  14. Bad guys can't aim.
  15. Computer programs are always self made, no Windows or osx
  16. Computer programs are always so bad in tv and movies. They always have a command line where someone types "execute search now" or "override security parameters" or some ridiculous thing.
  17. Ready to leave the restaurant or cafe? Just throw a seemingly random amount of cash on the table and walk out.
  18. that too

    device> bypass admin access
    "are you sure?"
    root> logged in as root

  19. All casio digital watches make a beeping noise for every second that passes by

    I hate that so much!
  20. Or when the detective leads the SWAT into the building.
  21. The guy and the girl always reach orgasm at the same time. Which is actually quite hard to achieve in real life.
  22. No it's not.
  25. Women scream during labour

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