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  1. What do you guys use?

    I get most things from and What.CD

    Is any good, and does anyone have an spare invite?
  2. if I had my account I would not need anything else

    sadly I do not

    I use kickass but they are on and off with legal issues, if I need to download I go to blogs and search hosting sites.

    other than that I just stream from Rdio
  3. I haven't used what in years, but when I did I went hardcore.

    I must say I'd like to have a bigger and better FLAC collection for future use.

    The past few years I've just been a Google Music All-Access subscriber, and it's good enough for 99% of applications I'd need really.
  4. The Google Music thing is tempting. I know you can temporarily download music to your device and play it back without internet. Do you know how long temporary is?
  5. I'm trying to build up my FLAC collection too, with a proper system you can really hear the difference
  6. As long as your subscription is valid, I believe.

    And as far as how much you can cache, so far I think it is only limited by your mobile device's available storage.

    The one thing that I wish were different is about this very subject. I wish it would let you store music to your laptop. So far I haven't seen an option to do so, so I think it's limited to phones/tablets. Probably anything android powered only.

    If it's from your own uploaded collection however, I believe that you have a limited number of times to download them back to your computer. Say if you lose your original collection or something similar. They will be in whatever bitrate Google plays their music at however. Either 320 or v0. Pretty sure 320...
  7. Oh man, you don't have to tell me.

    I just came home from spending a few hours at a local audio shop that I just happened to have the time to finally check out.

    I was glad I did... (worst photo of 2015 trigger warning)
  8. The salesman put on Beck's Morning Phase vinyl album and we jammed through nearly the whole thing.

    The speakers are ~$15,000 themselves, but from the turntable to the preamps to the tube amp and the conditioners and everything in between, it was $42,000 worth of 2 channel audio heaven.
  9. I'm pretty much in love with B&W's range
  10. It was my first time having the chance to (properly) listen to true hi-fi beyond some nice electrostats.

    I'm lying if I said it wasn't an emotional experience. It was absolutely awesome.
  11. I haven't been on waffles in years but was always better when I used both. They both started up in the aftermath of the Oink takedown.
  12. I love
  13. for torrents definitely
  14. can someone with a account tell me or even potentially download the Big Pooh - Words Paint Pictures album if its on there ?

  15. Let's talk about trust.
  16. Google says it's not out yet.
  17. I can't see it on
  18. ya just want to see if its leaked ...
  19. 10 freeleech tokens on What.CD

    In case anyone missed it

    They expire in less than a week I think
  20. It's there now
  21. then any clipconverter website?

    Most albums have 1-2 good songs, just get these and #$%# the whole track listing
  22. This, is a good converter.
  23. I haven't opened my /NAS/Music folder in months, probably a year.
  24. Nah you cant

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