Muslim attac on Charlie Hebdo

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  1. Do you mean people here? No one here is defending those actions, cos it's awful as #$%#. The only positive I can think of is how hilariously frustrated Hemistage is getting because France is (by its own faults) turning into a shithole. But that's not worth people dying for.
  2. in the great words of I have no idea who said it first "you can't fix stupid".

    seems to be far too many of these people lately
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  6. "It's not good vs evil. It's good vs people who also deep down think they are good."

    I get your point but at what point does someone have the common sense to think "gee, shooting up people who drew a picture is simply bat shit crazy and I wont do it." Hell, I can see the reasoning for them shooting up army barracks of a country that is fighting them in their home country. But, this is stupid.
  7. It's sad news.
    What needs to be done is to tighten security (better gun control, hire more security guards etc.) and hope that the drop in oil prices will weaken the funds of terror.
  8. The socialists who are leading my country don't know what means a tight security. It is not Israel where the words tight security are always present and real.
  9. I am not frustrated but hugely infuriated as it was the case when 09/11 happened. The problems are due to successive and incompetent governmental ass holes mostly the leftists and then the right who did nothing to prevent immigration from Maghreb and other arab countries as well as terrorism knowing the serious terrorists threats it would have. If people were more nationalist and patriotic and were against the so called "joys" of multiculturalism perhaps we wouldn't have been in a such situation as we are now.
  10. So tell me, Wheelman. What do you think about the fact that these guys shot and killed a Muslim Police officer? A Muslim Police officer who gave his life to your country?
  11. We will teach for cash.
  12. undercover terrorist who gave his life for Allah
    Mohammed is his prophet

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  14. He was one of the good guys and sadly for him, it is because of a few bad apples and the fact that the moderate muslims in France haven't condemned this attack because of retaliation from radicals is not a good thing . He gave his life for my country and that means a lot to me. I am always thankful to veterans and to those who serve and protect.
  15. but he was MUSLIM!??!?!?

    Doesn't that make you want to vomit?
  16. I have a beef against radicals and those who don't condomne these attacks because fearing retaliation. He was a law enforcement officer who selflessly sacrificed his life protecting other citizens regardless of his religious beliefs which is why I respsect him. If he wasn't a leo, I wouldn't have cared less.
  17. So now you care about his zodiac sign
  18. Didn't read this post either.
  19. Read the last sentence please
  20. Lol wait a minute. So what if he was a Gemini?

  21. i wonder if i can still be friends with hemi if he finds out im a pisces
  22. I'm thinking 'leo' is supposed to be law enforcement officer or some such thing, not the zodiac sign. Which begs the question, why wouldn't you respect a Muslim civilian who died in such a way?
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