Mustang Murderer

Discussion in '2002 Mini Hamann Cooper S' started by Fueled By Omnis, May 10, 2003.

  1. This car can probily smoke a mustang
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    u r crack cuz even the v6 nustang could smoke this thing
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    Not on a strip but definetly on a track.
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    Whats sad is this car... after it goes through Hamaan would most likely be in the 100k range, at least 80k. and here you are admitting a v6 mustang, a 20k car can take it. now if we sent this supposed v6 mustang of to SALEEN then i believe when we got it back and 70k later it would not only murder the MINI but it would RAPE it
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    Koenig couldn't probably help this car.
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    Ha ha ha. So true...
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    A similar conversion to this costs about £3,000. If you want to get a 275 hp mini its still less than £20,000 overall
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    I don't thing you 've done a lot of searching about the prices you write. This mini could go to 80k or even 100k even if you put an engine from a porsche in it. With this modification it wouldn't exceed 30k. So in the future be more careful for what you are going to say.
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    good info

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