mustang stilla int matchin the camaro

Discussion in '2005 Ford Mustang GT' started by z28350, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. so weak, ford add a bigger v-8
  2. Yo, the camaro's dead. And if it comes back, it'll get eaten alive by the Mustang GT-R...
  3. ok 1st of all amustang gt-r aint street legal, so until there is a mustasng that is as powerful as my camaro stock keep ur #$%#in mouth shut
  4. What stock camaro do you have that beat's the new Mustang's 13.6 1/4-mile and 0-60 in 5.1?
  5. i have seen stock cobras hit 12's and mach1's are just as quick.

    im a chevy guy, but i respect the mach1 and cobra.. great cars
  6. First of all, don't even start shooting off the mouth about your camaro. If you're supposed camaro is stock (the way you want the stang to be) then there aleady is a faster Mustang, the '03 Cobra. If you didn't even know that, you might as well shut ur #$%#ing mouth, seeing as you don't know shit.

    Bottom line, Camaro's dead. Ford has beaten Chevy in the supercar department (Ford GT vs. Vette) the supertruck department (05 Lightning vs. Silverado SS) and now the muscle cars. Those are the facts, deal with them.

    And yeah, let's not forget the upcomming Mustang GT...
  7. Yes, Ford does plan to release the Mustang GTR as a street legal vehicle to increase sales. It may be through Ford Racing and not Ford directly, but street legal none the less.
  8. people people, the Camaro is DEAD. It MIGHT come back, but thats a long time away. Now, show some respect to this car cuz its damn good.

    The GT-R will very likely be released for maybe 07, as i predict, but under the Cobra R nameplate.

    and for whomever started this topic, this is damn good power for a 4.6 L N/A. Hell, Chevy's SS Camaros only got 25 more hp out of an engine that was a full 1.1 L bigger. And even more news (actually rumors), Ford is developing a 6.2L engine that will hopefully be put into the F-series and MAYBE the Crown Vic and Stang. So there ya go.
  9. hey is that 6.2 liter engine the new engine thats going to be in the new Z06?
  10. how about my 02 SS? 13.1 stock...there ya go
  11. I heard the camaro will come back in 2007, but by then the the mustangs will be better and the roush, mach 1 will be out and own all in their path.
  12. don`t tell me z28350.. you got the rare 73 Rs ss z28 LT1 4 dr camaro..... learn how to spell slapnuts.
  13. mabye no this model but ur so dumb. The cobra couls smoke a camaro-whatever and dont say the cobra aint commin either
  14. The Cobra will come as a 2006 model. Yes, this cobra will compete w/ the viper, its gonna have 500hp

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