My 10-second supra is finally done.

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by NinjaAssaultSquadElite, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. If you think a Supra is a sleeper you must be sleeping.

  2. It would be a sleeper to someone who believes that 1000 HP and 400 HP supras all run 12s because of a sh1tty powerband and no V8 torque.

    What excuse do you have now?
  3. Ya, overall its pretty hard to pass off a supra as a sleeper.
  4. Nice supra dude
  5. congrats on your acheivement
  6. I love the lack of rear spoiler. It also appears you are missing the "Turbo" badge. Do you fool a lot of people into thinking it's the N/A Supra?
  7. The Turbo badge only came on 97-98 cars. Cant really fool people into thinking its NA because of the intercooler and also, its loud.
  8. That's right. I forgot. One of my friends is on his second Mk 4 Supra Turbo. Do you still get ric3rs trying to mess with you though? My friend has had Civic and such try to mess with him on the freeway.
  9. I had a tacoma rev on me
  10. was it the one with the 2JZ swap?
  11. I think it ran 16s.
  12. then that would be a stupid swap to only run 16s
  13. It wasnt a 2jz swap. It was just a tacoma.
  14. i thought you meant the one with the swap runs only 16's

  15. Whats it with DrMike not visiting
  16. very nice and good thing you kept it stock looking
  17. I demand you go find that missing hp.
  18. thats awesome, congradulations

    it's nice too see someone on this board that actually knows about/can build a fast car

    not a fan of supras but you've got an awesome ride
  19. Sweet ride. This might be an ignorant question but is it normal for drg race cars to have automatics? Sorry don't know much about this form of racing.
  20. Drag racing is usually domnated by auto's since.......they never miss a shift like a human so driver error is thrown out.....not only that but you're more consistent with a auto then a manual. People drag race with Manuals
  21. umm... where im from (bay area) supras are not new at all, most little hatchbacks here (like from the racing squad SVP) can kick most cars asses, the only team that i know can withstand them is nor-cal ls1,... now keep in mind that most of the svp can beat most of the v8's... the only one they can't beat is an 8 second supercharged, and who who knows what else trans am.

    all in all , im saying guy is that the supras(most to standards now and days are nothing.... they are considered slow,,..... and are usuallly equiped with body kits etc..... so yes a supra with stock rims, no wing would be mistaken as a non- turboed supra.... that is unless you see a huge intercooler peeking from the front bumber.
  22. any wyas as i was saying... great job man... i would have done the same thing... kept it stock looking as possible
  24. I want one too.
  25. How much did it cost for you to put in your turbo?

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