My 10-second supra is finally done.

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  1. no no see, your car is a thing of beauty........ you are about as far from the rice culture that you can possible be

    I think you're being sarcastic about getting "rezpect from the import krewz"......... I have a hard time telling that. But I think your Supra looks great as is. It almost gives a decieving look
  2. I am sarcastic.
  3. How exactly did you launch though? 550 RWHP and 10s in a full-weight Supra is awesome.
  4. I hold the brake down with the left foot...hold the E-brake on with my right hand, force the engine to at least 4200rpm hold it there for 1 sec and then slam the E-brake and foot brake loose.
  5. seriously, your car is 10000 times more awesome than it would have been had you not kept it looking stock.
  6. I might want to get new wheels sometime though
  7. that is the only thing i dont like, the stock wheels are quite ugly
  8. True that
  9. Give 'em to me, I'll put them on my lexus after I get them powdercoated.
  10. Then Ide have no wheels. All the wheels for supras are lame 18s+ usually, and I want 17s so i can still run my same tires. I might just get some custom CCW, which are a little under $2000 a set.
    Or I might get a bigger downpipe and try to knock off a few tenths.
  11. Get some nice 18"s. Then put some BFG Drag Radails on the stockies. Or just whatever tire you prefure to use for your track time.
  12. The tires that are on my wheels now are the ones i use to run my drag times. I like them because they can handle the power even at low mph. The 18" BFG drags arent as good as the 17" ones.
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  15. Yeah I only ran a 11.8. But I still look better than that.
  16. Looks is for girly men! Stock rim owns j00!
  17. Do you only use this car at the track, or do you drive it everyday?
  18. neither of those two options.
  19. Pretty nice ! Great that you kept it stock. Love the rollcage.
  20. I drive it on weekends/holidays and at the track
  21. I don't want to read the whole 10+ pages, so please tell me how you launched. RPM .. drop clutch/slip and such. If I ever pulled a 60ft like that...I'd die a happy man.

    nvm. I got it. Auto. That's crazy. How do they grip after that? How much, any, wheelspin?
  22. The tires hooked pretty well off the line. The only time on the the run the got spinny and loose was the bottom of 2nd gear.
  23. Widebody rocks your boat.
  24. The timeslip gets you all the respect you need.
  25. sweet time, so are you going to try and put in a higher RPM stall convertor, should launch better...

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