My '63 Comet S-22 is coming home...

Discussion in 'Classic Cars' started by Chris V, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. I bought this car over 20 years ago, and 16 years ago left it at my folk's place for storage when I moved from Seattle to Baltimore. My dad is clearing out his property and asked if I still wanted the Comet. I decided to round up the money for shipping and found that it was only going to be about $900 to ship from Seattle to Baltimore. So my dad got it running again, drove it out of the carport where it's sat for the last 16 years (getting FILTHY) and got it loaded on the truck to deliver here.
  2. it's an original 6 cyl, 4 speed on the floor car, though there's been a Mazda 5 speed adapted to the engine. The plan is to import an Aussie aluminum head corssflow EFI 6 cyl out of an XF falcon (bolts into this car) to keep it all Ford without doing the ubiquitous V8 swap. But I am going with disc brakes and the 5 lug conversion. The interior is red now, so I'm going to just clean it up, buff it out, and maybe throw some red pearl over a black base.

    Being a west coast car, there is very little rust on it (a few small holes in the floor and some minor bubbling starting around the rear wheelwells). It should clean up quite nicely, though I fear for what the interior looks like after sitting in a carport for 16 years. The last photo is a photoshop of what i want it to end up looking like.

    Car should be here in my driveway in a week.
  3. very nice. you should have fun with that project.
  4. That will become a sweet ride.
  6. thats a cool car, have fun doing it up!
    I want something like that <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  7. It's here at home now. I've washed it up and started inventorying what I need for it.
  8. I am very jealous of your ability to find cars that don't need any bodywork
  9. Nice! Is that a 1930-ish Ford that I see in the garage?
  10. Yeah, a '30 Model A. It's my brother in law's. he bought it off of ebay with horrible '80s pink, turquois and purple graphics on the side of it representing fireworks. This past weekend I sanded the sides down and repainted the yellow (which was a bit of a pain itself as no one knew the paint code for the yellow. just that it was "Corvette yellow." Well, there were only 57 different shades of yellow on Corvettes over the years...) Came out pretty good, though.
  11. That's a pretty nice Ford Rod and the paint job came out good too. What's the engine? Looks like a 350 CID.
  12. yeah, it's your basic 350/turbo 400 combo. The car was built in the '90s, originally and has only done about 2000 miles since then. And my Brother in law wants to drive from our house up to Connecticut in it, then down to his house in Florida. Not sure how it'll take to a long road trip. But, luckily, that's not my problem.
  13. great comet s22
  14. new photoshop of the possible paint scheme. House of Kolor Sunrise pearl with a bit of HoK Sunset pearl faded on the bottom.
  15. That looks killer!
  16. Love the looks. Great choice on the wheels, they look great with the rest of the car.
  17. beautiful..can't wait to see her when she's all fixed up
  18. beautiful car, congratulations
  19. nice ride, I like the way you are intending to keep the stock look.

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