My Camaro only has 5psi Boost

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by 97SuperZ, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. On five pounds I run 13.9's at one mile above sea level.
    And mines a 1997. I'm saying I have less stock power. More Weight, And my Camaro is still just as fast.
  2. 13.9 is just as fast? Hahaha, MM&FF got 12.6. Even Motor Trend got 13-flat.
  3. Hate to break your heart, but I have an 02 SS that is stock that is faster than your car. And I am yet to come close, much less beat one of these hosses
  4. You need to read more Carfully. I said 13.9 at one mile ABOVE SEA LEVEL. Do you have any Idea what high Altitudes do to your cars power? At sea level my car would run high 12's! Ask anyone that knows anything about cars. Altitude kills!!
  5. 12.6 to 13-flat is what my car would run AT SEA LEVEL. I ran that 13.9ET at Bandimere in the rocky mountains!! So yes, 13.9 is just as fast.
  6. Just wondering, Super Z. Your Camaro is still the 5.7L? I would really hope that a supercharged 5.7 could keep up with a supercharged 4.6.'re running 3lbs less boost than the Cobra, but that's not enough to make up for 69 cubes of displacement. I'm still waiting for the 351 revival. (Whether it's the Cleveland format or the Windsor format...) Until then, my non-supercharged 4.6 works just fine for me.
  7. I live in Calgary. I have a slight idea what altitiudes can do, being at 1.1km above sea-level and all. I see stock Cobras run low-13's all the time. I've seen some with simple pully/chip/tire changes join the 11 second club.
  8. Wow your the first person that i know from calgary on this site. I am too.
  9. Man, you have no clue how many people here are from Calgary. Once you find the main forums (you will, but I wont tell you where), theres almost 13 of us, including you. Pretty much more than any other city. It weird.

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