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  1. Because sometimes we forget things about each other.

    Name: Erico Calixto de Sousa Lima
    birthdate: May 23rd 1980.
    birthplace: Brasilia, DF, Brazil
    occupation: Doing business at college, no graduated yet. Employed at the Ministry of Education. Retired from pimping.
    hobbies: following F1, drawing racetracks, getting drunk, partying, working out
    goals in life: Become a diplomat, have as much fun as possible, have a family.
  2. What's missing?
  3. girls, between the hobbies.
  4. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
  5. I might as well do one for myself then.

    Name: Madhav Chandrashekar
    birthdate: Feb 22, 1987.
    birthplace: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
    occupation: Studying in college, B.E
    goals in life: eh?
  6. You would be perfect for interviewing people. lol <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  7. Name: Robert deKimpe
    birthdate: Mar 14, 1983
    birthplace: Hilversum, Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands (heh)
    occupation: Studying Journalistics at home, college-level and telling people what the #$%# to do in distribution for a warehouse.
    goals in life: dunno.. 2 kids, nice house, emigrating, nice car, a racing career (no matter if it's as driver or manager), starting up a used car dealer (classic french and italian preferably).
  8. Married, with children, diplomat, driving an AUDI.
  9. Name : Richard Landon-Lane
    Birthdate : Sept 21st, 1976
    Birthplace : New Plymouth, New Zealand
    Occupation : Civil Engineer, Studying part-time for ME.
    in 5 years : all the kids will be at school, Wife will go back to work => Flasher house, I will have completed my ME and be fully registered, will keep going towards being the National Traffic Safety Guru. Hopefully will have a cool car by then!
  10. Name : Robert Sennick
    Birthdate : Nov 6th, 1975
    Birthplace : Willimantic, Connecticut, US
    Occupation : Supervisor, call center
    in 5 years : Who the heck knows.
  11. BOBITRON is old.
  12. Richard is a year younger than Bob? He acts 25 years older...
  13. Happy birthday punk!
  14. Thanks, pimp masta! =)
  15. Yin-yang. Yang.
    The young man and the old boy. Caught in the blurry spance which separates the peak of youth from the begining of full adulthood. I'm at that time and place in which everything can fall into my lap or crumble to the ground.
    So what do I do?
    With one hand I firmly grab that which is dear, that which matters and that which is worthy; my family and friends, my lovely girlfriend, my youth. With the other hand I fetch for my future, my success, my happiness.
    I have never had it so good before.
  16. That's me.
  17. My word, Bob is old...
  18. That's not me anymore.
  19. Randonness.
  20. Young at heart!
  21. That's the spirit!
  22. My girlfriend is pregnant!!!!!!
  23. Congrats Bro, are you guys getting married?

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