My dads new motorcycle

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dalla, May 23, 2009.

  1. Well it is new for him. I kind a like it. I think it is cool in a 90's sort of way.
    Anyways i think it will suit him fine, as he isn't exactly young anymore.
  2. It's...uhmm...hmmm...unique
  3. REminds me of that swiss dude who has everything in glossy red and gold.
  4. If it had some green it would be perfect for a mexican.

    I thought since you had a caterham, your dad would have like a TR3 or something.
  5. THat's cool. +1
  6. He has a 1969 MG C
  7. Good enough :D
  8. Looking at that makes me think of the red suit Richard Hammond had made when they went to Vietnam.
  9. Ugh, so German
  10. POWER RANGERS is what i think of when i see this
  11. vroam, danmark
  13. Post reliability story once he has owned it for a while.
  14. AFAIK they should be very reliable
  15. that looks like shit
  16. ohgod i want one of those
  17. #$%#ing awesome!

    Why does the direct drive look so heavy duty?
  18. Weird color trim.
  19. A swingarm must hold the rear-wheel, but lever from the frame so there is movement for the suspension to act upon.

    In this case, incorporated into the swingarm is the drive-shaft, which is a less efficient but lower-maintenance method of power transfer for a motorcycle than a chain and sprocket.
    This drive-shaft not only is built into part of the structure of the motorcycle [the swingarm], it must also be large and strong enough to incorporate the necessary linkages to allow movement in the travel of the suspension, despite being a drive-shaft that would normally be rigid for absolute strength.

    A rear-brake disc and caliper is also built into the assembly shown in the pic.
  20. you say "Anyways i think it will suit him fine, as he isn't exactly young anymore." in a way to make it sound like the K100 isn't fast

    nearly 20 years old it may be, but it's still pretty rapid
  21. haha its so ugly.
  22. I believe those are the ones our police department uses, only less garish in appearance.
  23. haha it's so awesome.**
  24. I correct some of my statement. I did not want to imply bad reliability, just that it was sort of a tech-fest when it was released, it might have the usual older bike ageing symptoms.

    I remember it from when it was at some Motorcycle show, maybe Paris, before launch, it was a big thing back then.
  25. Didn't mean that, it should be plenty fast. Its just that one of his mates has just bought an Aprilia Mille R, and is going to kill himself.

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