My favorite custom choppers/bikes.

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    What are yours?

    1. Bike: Knuckle Sanwich
    Builder: Billy Lane of Choppers Inc.

    2. Bike: Unicorn From Hell
    Builder: Chica of Chica Custom Cycles

    3. Bike: The Chopper
    Builder: Russell Mitchell of Exile Cycles

    4. Bike: Mv Agusta F4-SPR
  2. The links aren't working. Just copy and paste.
  3. One of my friends bikes..
  4. Sweet. I don't really like the color though.
  5. ya dont like the color either.
  6. Panhead choppers are the best.
  7. A couple one of my friend's dad built.
  8. choppers are just friggin silly. cruisers are ok, but choppers? i mean do you know how people look on them? like a kid on daddy's big bike, f*ckin hilarious...

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