My favorite NES game..

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 2998ccCSL, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. Phantom Fighter.

    top that.
  2. contra, zelda, and mario
  3. Super Mario Brothers 3. End of story.
  4. you mainstream sluts must not have played phantom fighter.
  5. sorry, i guess i just never got into the underground of nes, you son of a #%!@.
  6. River City Ransom was cool too... and Crystalis.. SMB3 was cool, but i feel it was more hype then anything..
  7. Hells yeah.
  8. Crystalis was the best NES game that nobody played.
  9. Ice Hockey
  10. Clay Pigeon Shooting (with the gun)
  11. In Duck Hunt?
  12. Blades of Steel
  13. I think so.
  14. I cant believe only one person has metioned Contra. Super Mario Three was awesome, but it got kind of old, especially after playing one and two (two sucked though).
  15. Double Dragon.
  16. Little Nemo Dream master. Unpossible to beat.
    I also have the original Batman NEs game, which is pwnage.
  17. blades of steel.
  18. Tennis
  19. Agreed, best NES game to ever hit the shelves, but Contra wasn't far behind.

    Speaking of NES, I'm download the emulator and ROMs.
  20. the "goonies", "Battletoads", and "ghosts and goblins".
  21. SMB3, metroid, ninja gaiden, zelda

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