My favorite Suzuki concepts being crushed

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  1. What are red, white and silver, about 3 feet high each and ready for the scrap heap? The Suzuki Kizashi concepts of course! Check out this spy shot of the three Suzuki Kizashi concept cars partially destroyed and stacked up outside a warehouse in Shizuoka.

    The 2007 - 2008 Kizashi, Kizashi 2 and Kizashi 3 concepts seen here are ready for the scrap heap, apparently the roofs on all three have been crushed down to make stacking easier (because, you know, concept cars need to be stacked sometimes) and it looks as though the white Kizashi 2 has fared the worst of the three. These were static concepts so the only salvagable parts would’ve been the wheels and tires if anything. We’re not sure why some parts have been removed and others haven’t, it could very well be because of vandalism or a Suzuki employee wanting something nice to fill that empty space above his fireplace. Whatever the case, keep an eye out on Yahoo Auctions Japan for a Kizashi 2 headlight!

    Words: Justin Karow
    Images: Suzuki Motor Co., New Model Magazine X

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  2. well at least they are conserving space by stacking them
  3. thats bullshit, they always crush the good ones <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  4. why do they crush one of concepts? i always assumed you'd want to keep shit like that as a company
  5. I thought they'd at least keep them in a warehouse or something
  6. Are they totally unregistrable?

    Why cant they sell them? Even if the new owner cant drive it on the street, someone might want it for a collection, and Suzuki can make some cash...
  7. I blame "Cash for Clunkers".
  8. you tardo, theyre clay models
  9. haha ya
  10. The guys at the Suzuki museum(s) must be infuriated, never mind the many collectors of Suzuki cars the world over. But the production car will look very similar. Or maybe not.

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