My favorite viper for sure

Discussion in '2006 ASC Viper Diamondback' started by killer filler, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. i fav viper

    sure there are the huge power vipers and the plain vipers but this is defenetly my favorite one the only thing i dont really like is the hood with the trumpits sticking out i think the could have modified the stock hood with carbon or what ever without the big gap for the trumpits
  2. nice mags...

    thats for sure.
  3. best vipers so far, no crazy power however well balanced
  4. Finally the viper will handle well. Anyways how much does it weigh now?
  5. man this car is pretty good for a tuner i think this should be the number 1 sport car!
  6. yea i know that feeling its a pretty sweet one too the car is making beautiful orcarstra of screams its like music to my ears!

    razor speed
  7. Thats 1 nice viper, but i still love the 1000 viper venom coupe, hell of alot faster than a bugatti.
  8. I've never been a big Viper fan but this rocks.Love the hood and the cyl-heads.Tough looking without over doing it.
  9. ya fo sho, fo sho

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