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    First off, the new videos that I took this summer at Fiorano, which were just uploaded last night. This is either turn 9 or turn 13, but I'm not sure which because both are hairpins. Either way, just listen to the cars:

    And some older ones from Ferrari's 50th Anni in the US at Rockefeller center that you may have already seen, but now that the new forums are up, I'm going to post again:

    575 GTC #1 - clutch not catching (so awesome), #2 - idling:

    360 Challenge, going down the street, a bit of high revving:

    They're all in 640x480, because I don't f*ck around. Enjoy.
  2. Marco, the site is including the break html in the links.
  3. I fixed it, because I am the HTML master. And now, I will #%!@ at Dan, for f*cking up the automatic linker!
  4. Get in line, I'm first!
  5. It's been clarified.

    Now everyone enjoy the vids.
  6. yea bcuz now scnet looks exactly like every other forum
  7. I like the Maser that the 360 Challenge pulls up behind. Which one is it?
  8. Thanks Marcus.
  9. BOOYAH!

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