My Fiero Passion UPDATE!

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  1. yes i have, shifting the fiero's gearbox is like guiding a sledgehammer through a mouse maze

    fiero gt mr2
    0-60 7.8s 7.3s

    skidpad .84g .89g

    slalom 64mph 69mph

    1/4 [email protected] [email protected]

    and on top of that the fiero gt is 500lbs heavier
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    Yeah, clearly the gauges are the only problem, haha...

    I think a car's community says a lot about a car. Hop on a Fiero forum or look at the Fiero owners/lovers on this site. Enough said.
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  4. You are definitely the best of the bunch, haha. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  5. THe muncie 4 speed in the older fieros is garbage, probably the worst transmission I have ever had to experience. The getrag 5s are marginally better, but still odd. I don't mind fieros, I used to ride in my buddy's all the time, though it had problems constantly.
  6. The Getrag 282 5-spd, the one you speak of, withstands the torque of SBC V8s and was "the" choice in manual transmission until the new 6-spd FWD trannys came out a few years back. Those are now mated up to the likes of LS7s.
  7. Those are 4spd numbers I think, but anyway, not that far off, the v-6 has so much more torque that its faster out of corners, and you don't have to keep it wound up. I love the 4age, but it is a torqueless bastard.

    I never had any trans problems with mine, and it shifted great. I've never driven one that didn't.
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  9. There is nothing odd about either trans.
  10. Yeah I know, they are durable as #$%#, and geared pretty well, that 5 speed is/was easier to shift than my sisters accord.
  11. That muncie had one weird shift pattern, and the gates were pretty sticky, the getrag is a million times better. Hell, most other 4 speeds and 5 speeds are better.
  12. standard 4 speed shift pattern isn't wierd
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  14. You do know you can shift an auto into a gear and hold it to a higher RPM right?

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