My friend has one

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  1. Friggin sweet!
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    Very good car. Everyone should buy one.
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    You know what the funniest thing is? The Porsche 944 Turbo came out in 1986 so there is no 1985 Porsche 944 Turbo.

    944 Turbo ran from 1986-1991
    944 Turbo S ran from 1988-1989 (although the S emblem was only on 1988 models but the 1989 Turbo is still a Turbo S.

    They stopped shippin the 944 to the USA in 1989 and stopped production of the 944 altogether in 1991.

    Originally they had plans on making a 944 S3 but instead they decided to make the car and rename it the 968.

    Theres a little lesson for you.

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    My friend has one

    Actually, the 944 Turbo WAS initially produced in 1985 and sold in Europe in the later half of 1985. It had the early square dashes just like the pre-'85.5 944NA cars. It also had the NA's single-sided calipers under 15" Phone Dial wheels.

    The really cool 951s are the final 1991 ones. There were about 155 convertibles made that year.
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    you arent a noob
  7. My father raced one in Porsche Club of America. We went to tracks in the Northeast like Pocono and Lime Rock Park. His was stripped down for race duty and pretty damn fast! I've got lots of great memories of this car, but unfortunately, my dad sold out to pursue the more passive hobby of boating. Too bad...
  8. So do u race?

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