my friend instructed Jeff Gordon

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    There was a charity event at Lime Rock and my friend Liam rode in the passenger seat with Jeff Gordon and his teammate, because they'd never been to Lime Rock.

    I'm not sure if I mentioned Liam in these forums before. He's a member of our car club, and he's extremely talented. He's also a US Marine and he lost a leg after he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan in 2011. Two of our track days were covered by the local TV news and newspapers because he was able to get back to racing very quickly after losing his leg. As you can imagine, a guy with his talent and his story gets a lot of opportunities because it makes great PR. He races professionally now and won his second race. At one race, he matched Randy Pobst's qualifying time. He's also been interviewed on TV by Darrell Waltrip a couple times.
    The only special equipment that he has is a device that connects his prosthetic leg to the clutch pedal. Of course it has some sort of quick release mechanism in case he has to exit the car in an emergency.
  2. is his leg lighter than a comparable human leg
  3. im sorry to butt in but u know the comon saying "no replacement for displacement"? i think i have a replacment......... its called a lilttle thing call'd rev's now i will admit i dont know a whole lot about either of these cars except the fact that a friend of mine has a V-6 mustang and another a camraro SS with about 400hp (dont ask bout mod's i dont have a clue). and i also know a guy (ryan defiano) who has a mitsubish eclipse with a 4500 dollar engine rebuild, turbo, intercooler, blow off, and sopposdley newly add'd nitrious. now of course your gonna say look how much money ryan spent over brain (SS guy) but actually brain said hes put alot of money into his SS either hes lying and american cars are easy to supe up or it takes money to supe up domestics also. but back to my point im going to run u threw a drag i witness'd from wesleys car (6'er mustang) stacy (SS guys now ex g/f) drops' her hand and both cars squeal off the line "dang brains killing ryan... oh scott i told u imports suck" another tire blat "oh shit wes, ryan just pass'd brain.... brain may catch him again that eclipse gets lag in 3rd gear, oh damn i guess that higher redline let him pull more in lower gears" "yea but i bet ryan's got ure daddy" "i know he does my 325 only has 247hp"

    ok i bet half of the people reading this are prolly in the hell is ravs a replacemtn for displacment that really doesn't make sense i just needed a catch prasre but my point is dont always rag imports cause it cost more money to make them fast. and yes stock domestics ussalyy have more hp, but thats why the great world we live in has BS's turbo's and headers right?

    P.S. i relized my post makes no sense but im gonna post anyways cause of the cool drag thing
  4. I was so sleepy until I read this post.

    Also, camaro SS has 426hp. I am assuming you mean the new ones
  5. jeff gordon is the most american name ever
  6. no Dick Cummins is
  7. You'll have to ask the indie noob who wrote it. I had to read it about ten times to work out what was happening.
  8. that post is at least 10 years old
  9. "Hank" is probably the most American first name.
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