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Discussion in '1973 Porsche 914/4 2.0' started by TVR Enthusiast, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. WOW who else thinks that this would be the most totally awesomme school car in existance.
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    well, remember this.. while the engine is vdub.. nothing else is except for the bolt pattern on the wheels. While a rather reliable car, it still has it's problems. The shifter is nasty, very loose and not very precise, the brakes are good for a couple of good stops and then will start to fade, they are prone to rust.. and above all else.. they tend to sag in the middle if you run them too hard or abuse them. IF you are handy with a welder, I would definatly suggest the strenthening kit.

    Insurance is expensive too. I owned one of these before I bought my current sports car (75 fiat spider.. not on the site though) and while the capabilities are more or less the came (except for the handling, the 914 will destroy a spider in the turns) the insurance was half what I was paying before.

    remember, Vdub engine in a porsche body means porsche prices when something breaks.
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    a few things:

    Brakes: put decent pads on there and you can thrash these puppies all day.

    Chassis: Its only weak if you had rust problems to begin with, and welding in the stengthening kit is a snap.

    Parts Prices: No. Mechanical (engine, suspension) parts for this car are cheaper than parts for my 1995 Honda Accord. Now if you're talking body panels and tranny, the issue is finding the parts, not the price of the parts.

    You will spend a good deal of time tuning the car if you get one thats a project car, but once you get it tuned right, you just need to change the oil and check valve clearances.

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