my girlfriend is pleasuring herself upstairs

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Paul91785, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. yeah, this #%!@ is lying so hard, that girl is at least 5'5. and nobody would say ew to that because of her hight, this is a classic "i saw a mountain lion on my porch" moment.

    Myspace im guessing.
  2. Yeah he is lying! That ass photograph was his avatar a while back.

  3. Considering how deep in the woods my dads house is, one day I will take a picture of a mountain lion on my porch. its not like they're not in the area
  4. Yeah, it's pretty obvious from the door photo. Even when arching backwards like that she's at least 5'3-5". Weak.

    EDIT: And christofurr, "my girlfriend is pleasuring herself upstairs"? Dude, "my mom is pleasuring herself upstairs"... come on, you know it's what's right.
  5. Thanx for teh pics finally, but that ain't her. You're a douche, so you probably live with a fat troll.

    Still, poast real pix, nudies plox.
  6. The broad in the camera phone pics is #$%#in awesome, I'd tear her 6 ways from sunday.

    Thanks for all the nice comments, this site has come a long way from either colouring me green, or calling me fat.
  7. Takes time bro.

    And lol @ fake pics. Ban this FAGGOT.
  8. i almost cant wait for the next time he makes a thread/posts so he gets spammed with a link to this thread.
  9. Is that the girl that you could hear having sex? There's nothing funny about that. I was picturing some fat/ugly/awkward or in some way undesirable troll... there is nothing remotely undesirable about her.

    I smell bullshit
  10. Is this your roommate?
  11. quick thinker here boys
  12. sorry dudes, I'm just trying to have some fun

    too much drunk posting

    the girl I posted is my ex, and yeah she's 5'2". nothing gets past you guys

    I still don't have any pics of my troll roommate

    you probably think I'm a douche but there was hilarity in this thread, I don't regret making it. you #$%#ers are funny.
  13. suck up. and thats not your ex girlfriend either.
  14. hurrrrr shut up.
  15. Your roommate doesn't have Facebook or MySpace or anything? She's never been in a picture with you? I could post photos of all three of my roommates (dudes, so I'm not going to) in like two minutes.
  16. Nope, she's not on Facebook. I just tried searching on myspace, nothing. We've only been roommates for 2 months and all the Philly hipsters here only use real, black and white film.

    edit: Found one. It's only of her face though, so you can't tell she's like 4'9" but you can see that she does look like a troll.
  17. Agreed.
  18. When you mention a girlfriend, ex or present, you have to post a pic of the two of you together, thats the rule.
  19. Preferably showing full penetration
  20. He hasn't been banned yet why, exactly?
  21. You got pics of my ex's hot fat ass, what more do you want?
  22. she isnt your ex.

    your ex probably looks more like the girl you posted... who you probably dont even know, let alone live with.

    you probably still live at home with your parents.
  23. hahaha, you're wrong but whatever

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