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  1. My father made a promise that when I graduate The Virginia Military Institute in May 2005 he'll buy me either a red 550 or a red 360 Spyder. No B.S.! Really! I cannot lie about it. I'll be a pretty lucky guy to be 22 and have a Ferrari. We're already looking around for them in Florida but chances are it will be a slightly used one. I can't wait!!! Me paying the insurance on it will probably be a little tricky, though. But who cares?

    "Give me an army of Citadel Graduates and I'll win a battle, but give me a handfull of VMI Men and I'll win a war." -General George S. Patton
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    Where are the replies?
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    VMIFerrari, what talking about ur not getting this as a graduation pressie! or are you?!?!?!?!<!-- Signature -->
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    yes i got a porsche turbo por present when i graduated and a maranello, ohhh i forgot the lambo... dumnass

    ferrari #1<!-- Signature -->
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    Don't we all wish we could get one for a graduation present. Keep dreaming.<!-- Signature -->
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    Fine then. Don't believe me. But you should know that ALL VMI men take an oath to never lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. Granted it probably won't be brand new; most likely a '96 or '97 but I will have one WHEN I graduate in 2005.
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    damnz..what does your dad do?
    congrats on going to vmi too, btw.
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    I get a mclaren for my highschool graduation! Ya no joke. hahaha if you are geting a ferrari you're one lucky guy

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    I got a Ferrari F50 for my first car when i was 16, 4 days later I Hit the highschool and total'd the F50. and then i got a 23-Mile F40. I get quater of a million each day for allowence, from my dad, bill gates. I buy bentley's and all sorts of cars for my friends so i have a challenge to race people............... this person that made this thread is a big time liar
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    You question my integrity? That is very insulting. Believe me, we can afford a Ferrari. Tuition alone is a six-figure sum over 4 years.
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    VMIFerrari, you're full of snot. Why would someone as rich as you want to waste away the day talking to teen-agers on some stupid internet site, yes I'm ashamed that i love this site, but at least I'm not a rich bastard with nothing better to do.
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    Because we don't do anything else up here.....except study and train. You'd be suprised; we hardly ever get out of here. Might as well be Area 51.
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    cool a ferrar at 22 what else would you want?
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    you are lucky!
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    i believe you i am 18 and as a high school graduation present my father bought me a 575...
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    i believe you i am 18 and as a high school graduation present my father bought me a 550...
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    "take an oath to never lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do"

    Americans amuse me
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    Dude what does your dad do,Can he buy me a car to?I deserve one plzzzzzzzzz
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    You know you have too much money when...

    I have no doubt that you are either an extremely wealthy individual or you have an ego the size of texas. However, unless daddy intends to further pave the road for you with gold and 4 digit checkups, by which I mean things like changing the mother f*ckin oil, I suggest you ask for more dependable car. i.e. Z8, sl55amg hell even an Aston martin won't go on the fritz as much. However I hope you, your trust fund, your insanely wealthy father, and hard decision filled life make a wise choice.
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    Prove a picture of you with your car. If you own a 550 then u must have a digital camera.
  21. vinferrari you forget to say that the ferrari is 7inches long and 3 inches wide
  22. what car does your dad drive

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