my grandma drives this

Discussion in '2001 Oldsmobile O4 Concept' started by diablo_88, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. this is an old geezer car.what was oldsmobile thinking they can't make sports cars and if they did who would want to drive it-old ppl wouldn't drive it cuz it's to new looking and sports car lovers wouldn't drive it because it's an's a hella good thing this is only a concept or else oldsmobile would be broke.
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    Damn you're dumb. Just because the MANUFACTERURS NAME is OLDSMOBILE,
    does'nt mean that OLD people drive them!!! You stupid stereotypical
    moron!<!-- Signature -->
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    ok, but this design is dawn stupid.<!-- Signature -->
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    it is a concept. never been sold. stupid n00b
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    some oldmobiles are great, thins one however stinks.
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    i drive an oldmobile. it sucks but its the only thing i could afford, but its only got 37000 miles on it so itll last. im not old at all. In fact im probably younger than most of the people on


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