My Grandpa needs a new car

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by supercarfreak123, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. He is 94, so nothing sports, he's willing to spend about 30 grand, less is better though, my guess is he only wants new. Suggestions?
  2. 94? Can he still drive? If so then maybe a Passat
  3. avalon? buick? lincoln?
  4. Yea, He is in great shape, plays 18 holes of golf 3 times each week.
  5. Take his license away from him.
  6. Maybe an LS v6? Then you can have it when he dies...
  7. avalon and licoln are both god suggestions, He is calling me in a few minutes to discuss it. He has looked at a es330, and a ford 500 (which sickens me).
  8. I know! Get a 300! Seriouly
  9. if he considers something like avalon
    there is a new model out in a few months
  10. Old people should have old carsget him a 50s cadillac.
  11. Seriously, the LS is the only old manish car you'd want to inherit, and it's a wicked bargain... better handeling than the 5-series (in some respects) and better looking too...
  12. Good idea, heritance. People who suggested thanks, but cut the old people shit, or else... or else... eh, I got nothing. LS is a good idea, so is the avalon, both are somewhat bland, but good cars. Keep the suggestions coming please.
  13. What does the bloated FWD Avalon have to do with the LS? Seriously, for a ~30k conservatively styled car it's the best option, assuming he's willing to live with a smaller car...

    Edit -- Forgot about the G35. Also a wicked bargain.
  14. Wait, did you ever say you were inheriting it?
  15. I am not sure how he would do with a smaller car. But it starts for 33 grand, and he is as stubborn as a brick, Ill see if I can talk him into it, its a good deal. I own a G, and I love it, but my guess is it might be too sporty for him and the fact that it also starts for more than 30.
  16. Forget that.
  17. Haha , dont know how it even came up
  18. New Stang or GTO?
  19. Someone said it, but seriously, more suggestions guys please.
  20. The LS has pretty hefty incentives - you will get for under 30k. That's what's so great about it...

    The G starts under the LS (the X only starts at 33), but doesn't have the incentives, and is smaller IIRC and generally isn't as nice IMHO...
  21. WEll, why would it say starting for 33,490 then?
  22. How about a CTS? Or will it be too sporty. Also it's a wee bit over 30k
  23. GM's red tag sale

    you can get them for less than msrp
  24. that new chrysler 300

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