My holden calais or a fairmont ghia?

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by lamboghinisv, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. What you guys recon??? im gettig a new ride, so any suggestions also?
  2. Get a BA XR6 Turbo and choose leather and climate control options.
  3. nice call
  4. mate has a black BA xr6 turbo.. hate it.. any other ideas?
  5. Why do you hate it? What are you going to spend and are you only interested in a falcon or commodore?
  6. You are considering a Farimont, yet you hate the XR6 Turbo, which is essentially the same car...
  7. He doesn't have his license.
  8. Go the Gia awsome cars
  9. This is your only solution. If you hate you mates XR6T, don't get a black one.
  10. Yes and you DO have a license? You want a pic of my license? I have been driving before you where born buddy, So cut the shit idiot!! anyway, I just don't like the ride in a xr6 (suspention setups + steering ratios etc...) where as the fairmont is alot nicer on the other hand, a more refine ride. I might go german, As it is worth the extra $$ for a ml or a x5.... I'd say the X5 over a ml?? you guys?
  11. Don't buy an X5, X5 drivers are wankers. If you are going to spend that much have a look at a volvo s60R.
  12. No one buys ML's anymore. Definitely X5 is the better choice between those two. But I mean for that price I'd rather go and buy a nice Audi or something. Depends what you want really - and a Calais is very different to an X5.

    (btw I'd choose the Falcon between the two originally mentioned, but essentially they are going to be very similar)
  13. fairmont ghia definately
  14. That s60R is very nice, and not all x5 drivers are wankers.. the change of car is due to I may need 6 seats :/

    I do like the audi's but the lack of seating is a bugger.... The range rover is maybe the next option...
  15. I prefer the Range rover and VW V10 diesel touareg to the X5. The range rover and VW can both go offroad.
  16. dont buy a 4wd. they are for soccer mums and wankers.

    for that sort of money, i would be getting the ford.
  17. Prejudice aside, like Lizardmech said do have a look at the Touareg. Apart from the badge, it's awesome.
  18. ?? you make no sense... for 100K+ you would buy a ford?? That is higly stupid if the german lane is on the same road, Why not take it?? plus I AM not getting a GT-P as i believe they are for wankers... I do not like the car and never will..What do you guys recon on the HSV avalanche?? worth a peek?
  19. the calais, we have had a few of them now and they are very nice cars
  20. Do you need more than 5 seats or not? Like a real avalanche you wouldn't want to be cought in a HSV avalanche.
  21. falcons in general are bigger cars, but if you like that then fine. I also find that the drivability of the calais is worse than a fairmont. The ride on the Calais is nice (FE1.5) and the ride on the faimont is very soft in comparison. I would however, not pick any of these cars. In my opinion, for 55,000 onn road, get a Territory Ghia. Very nice car for luxury purposes, and comfort.

    It just depends on what you want. but for me i want a Territory.

    Oh, nice water bottle
  22. lol yea thanks for the water bottle props :/ Yea 5 seats + IS needed... So i am stuck now. I have no idea what so ever what to choose....
  23. What the hell? Why are you so retarded?
    Why spend that much money when you don't need to? Are you a stroke victim or something?
  24. i'd say the Territory is a good option if you need the space. the adventra/avalanche is a good car, but it does chew up a lot of fuel.
  25. go the territory my dad was looking to buy 1 but in the end he got a XR6T

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