My kids new free truck project...

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  1. '79 Chevy stepside, mildly built 350, TH400, has new tires, including a pair of new 295/50-15 Radial T/As on 15x12 wheels for the rear. Got a lot of bodywork to do on it, as it's from CT. Needs new rockers, new driver's floor, new passenger front and rear fenders, new hood, some interior work and paint. But mechanically it's in great shape and drove nice the 7 hours back to here from where we got it...
  2. Since we got the truck from my father in law for free, and my brother in law was driving it, we decided to be nice and buy my brother in law a replacement car for cheap. Picked up this '89 Volvo for $400. It runs good, but one brake caliper is toast so it doesn't stop. Found a replacement caliper for $35 and will be replacing it this weekend.
  3. Your $400 89 volvo 240 is in better shape than my $400 89 volvo 240.
  4. ok, new pics, now that we're removing the rust. I HATE cars from the northeast...

    second pic is of the parts truck we took doors and fenders off of.
  5. more. Got the truck in the garage with the bed off.
  6. lovely frame and nicely rusted shocks.
  7. test fitting the doors and fenders
  8. rust in the rockers... passenger side
  9. driver's side
  10. more pics...
  11. More pics
  12. More. the bed is on.
  13. more pics since the rest are gone...

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