My latest addition, '06 Mustang GT Convertible

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  1. Picked this up a couple weeks back, an '06 Mustang GT, 4.6 V8, 5 speed manual transmission, Vista blue. 3.55 gears, and massive fun. I've rarely had the top up while driving it since I got it. Got some plans for it, and already started down teh path of modifying with a new stereo head unit (one that has bluetooth audio to stream my iTunes playlists off my Droid X)

    Ok, on to the pics...
  2. more pics...
  3. new headunit in the last pic
  4. quick photochop of what I want to do.
  5. new wheels & tires (20" BOSS 338), spoiler, blackout tail panel, sequential taillights, Pypes axleback, mirror covers, and shorty antenna.
  6. latest pics

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  8. When I first got it

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  9. Miss this car.

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