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  1. good stuff, im very impressed! what did you use to cut through larger sections? or did you just sand sand sand. i remeber in highschool making something out of foam, we used a hot wire.
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    To cut the big foam panels(sections) I used a electric jigwaw, something like that:

    I have found very thin jigsaw blades, with very small teeth, wich produced a very good result:

    Then, with a bit of sand work it gets perfect.

    The smaller panes(the ones that actualy form the surface and connect all the sections), where cut whith a regular snap blade knive, something like that:
  3. NEW PICS......

    the cars comming along nicely.. you may spot a few cracks and imperfections at the moment... but they will all be ironed out soon.
    the next stage is sanding it to perfection, then making the mould... so should finish the sanding this week, then in 3 weeks when im back home again i'm going to atempt the mould
  4. clearslider shits all over these.
  5. what?
  6. ive added windows/doors now, and the vents behind the side windows... starting to look good now i think.
    cant wait to make the mould

    "my internet is a bit slow, so 2 pics at a time"
  7. Looks good!
    But I think that the wheel wells need to be more defined... Maybe you should do something that is completely round at the top and use it as a guide?

    From my experience it is surprising how much the wheels and tires change the overall look of the car. So if you have not tested any tires yet.. I suggest you do so.

    Good job anyways!

  8. yeah your right, i have left them a bit unattended. i will get to them finally befor the cast gets done. im gonna do some reading up and some practicing on dummy models, so i can get it right without stuffing it up. ive read and been told a silicone compound you mix up with water is the goods... have you had any expreriance with making moulds.. has anyone?
  9. Hi!

    Don't make the same mistake as I and don't let the clay dry too fast, or it will crack all over the place.

    About the mould, I did mine using plaster. If I remember, I did the mold in 7 parts; 2 for each side, 1 for the front, 1 for the back and one for the top.

    If you use plaster you have to be sure the the plug(the clay car) will get out of the mould.

    If you use silicone, it will be much easiar, but it will be quite expensive.
  10. Nah they clay has been drying over the last month as I have worked on it. It gets covered in plastic wrap when im not working on it. So it retains moisture, and drys very slowly.
    As for plaster, I have tried that before, and it was a bit of a disaster.. my fault though. But it did work, I just never got around to taking the model out of the mould.. haha its still there. I should do that.
    And yeah I know the silicone will cost a bit, but it doesn�t bother me too much. I just want it to work and work well.
  11. Use styling clay and HD foam under it, pro stuff :p
  12. yeah i use thick foam underneath already. when you say styling clay, can you be more specific.

    for this model i thought i would get a high wax content clay, one that never sets which i had heard is what the car industry uses. but when i went to the shop, the only thing they had was more like a plasticene which is more used for wallace and gromit style use. and yeah it doesnt dry hard... but it was like $10 for 500g and i use like 20-30kg of clay for my models.. so it was gonna by pricey!! ($500) versus $30 for 30kg
  13. Impressive and inspiring, great work everybody.
  14. no clay but I made a RV 3 years ago, inside and outside.

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