My Latest creation - Carrera GT drawing

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    I did a new drawing. My favorite supercar the CARRERA GT and I wanted to show it to you.

    Hope you like it

    Kind regards Enes Canay
  2. Well here it is
  3. Simply awesome Canay <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> As always.
  4. Impressive, I like your style
  5. how much do you usually sell these for?
  6. Depends on the size. In average about 150-250 Euros.

    For this Carrera GT I spent about 30 hours of drawing + 27 Euros for the aluminium frame. The worst thing are the Copic Markers, they are expensive. But I got already a huge set of them, so i just need from time to time a refill-set.

    Kind regards Enes Canay
  7. Have you ever done or considered a McLaren F1 LM?
  8. How did you do the window? Layered vellum? Chalk?
  9. Colors =)
  10. It is made by crayons.

    If you take a black one and rub it on, when finished take a white one and go over the black area ... you will get a smoooth black flow. Here you can see:
    I did this black carrera GT with the same technique. Otherwise I would go crazy by drawing black cars ;o) they always look muddy.

    Enes Canay
  11. Again amazing, I'd buy that
  13. Crayons? Like a basic wax Crayola kind of thing? Or do you mean pencil crayons?
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  16. awesome, definately
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    here is one of my favorite works I did .... I am not sure if Porsche does build this car in this color .... but they should ;o)))

    Kind regards Enes Canay
  18. I'd highly recommend that car/design fans check out his website. The renderings are technically and artistically exceptional. The blue concept sedan on his site would make a great Maserati or Bugatti. And if you can dare look at such a thing, he's created a Ferrari SUV. Don't know about that one...

    Hope to see more in the future.
  19. Yeah, I checked it out, there's some really cool stuf there, not a fan of the Ferrari SUV either though.
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    you can order most porsches as paint to sample.

    Jerry seinfeld's GT2 was a similar color. It was the only paint to sample 996 GT2 though.
  21. I was tempted to draw a carrerra GT, but better than yours just to show you up but i decided not to because i dont wanna make you jealous.
  22. The huge swaths of red, black, and untouched blank paper look awesome. You should add even more super-dark black and super-saturated red, maybe even use bigger paper so theres more white.
  23. Considering the time you put into these and the money you pay for materials you should try selling them for at at least 300-400.
  24. That site is so amazing. I love that blue limousine thing. You defenietly have a future in car design if you want to.
  25. When the 993-series 911 was introduced it was frequently shown with a French racing blue that resembles your 911's color. See TOXA's avatar (Bugatti EB110), or many classic Bugattis/French cars for examples. They might still stock it or have a paint code for it.

    Phanofmuzik2 is right, though. Porsche can essentially paint it anything you'd like.

    Edit: check out that post in the Car Classifieds threads for Jerry Seinfeld's 993 Turbo S.

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