My mother wants a Lexus RX330

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by SupraMan, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. MDX, i think its boring as #$%#.

    I like the new RX but some others to look at are the FX45, X5 3.0 and ML350.
  2. Cadillac SRX V6
  3. The RX330 looks nice, only Lexus I like.
  4. an FPV is a family sedan with a boss 290 (kW) 5.4L V8.
  5. not available in this country.
  6. Does she want the hybrid version?
  7. Tell her the RX330 is just a Camry in designer jeans with a Coach handbag. Tell her to get the V8 Cadillac SRX or the V8 Volvo XC90 or the VW Toureg with the V8 or better yet, the V10 turbodiesel.
  8. Half those cars aren't available in out country or WAY out of her price range.
  9. And shes picking up the RX330 now.
  10. the 6 in the rx sounds nice actually. I had a loaner when the lextreme was in repairs.
  11. BMW X3 or X5 is my advice. Maybe the Volkswagen Touareg.
  12. your mother has the right idea. she doesnt want to race around the block, she wants a comfortable, well built, reliable vehicle.

    my friend had one for 3 years(till he bought a 645) and though he drove it pretty agressively, the car never had any issues and was decently quick and very comfortable. we went on 3 camping trips with it and i have nothing but good things to say about it.
  13. I think I'm starting to agree with you/my mother.

    It really is a nice car. It has all the features you could ever want, it goes pretty well, it's looks are growing on me. And it's not like a typical SUV. It drives like a sedan. The sloping back boot lid is a nice feature.

    I think I was wrong to begin with.
  14. all the people online telling you to get a V8 or V10 sport ute with the acceleration to put ferraris to shame arent the ones paying for the repair bills or gas of your moms car<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>, keep that in mind.

    whenever i wanna buy a car for myself/others, i just browse all the fan sites or owners forums, thats where you get the best info on exactly WHAT goes wrong with the car and how much it costs.

    another good indication is the jd power site, where you can get 90 day, 1-3 year and then 4-5 year reliability and quality reports.

    lexus is usually on top.
  15. Love her in the ass
  16. Wait a minute. Did you just put in a plug for the X3? Haha!
  17. yessir. what's wrong with the X3?
  18. Yeah, yuo really can't go wrong with a Lexus, any lexus. They may be boring but they're a fair value and very reliable.

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