My MR2 project....

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  1. Then again there are some people that do know what they're talking about =/
  2. I have to admit, i really don't find your car that bad. I just think you're DIY aero mod to the front end is really distasteful.
  3. I'm going to go ahead and assume that those folks haven't driven "comparitively faster" cars. I'm not even sure what that term is, I think its something like "my car isn't fast by any stretch of the imagination, but by the power of acting like a jackass and a few low-cost mods, I can make some folks think its quick." I don't want to start a fight here, since I'm not really inclined to that sort of behavior, but I think you might reach a different conclusion here - the quickest way to start a fight on any forum (and this forum is no execption) is to act like a tool.

    Don't get me wrong here, I can completely respect anyone who chooses speed over looks (that's my preference). And I really do love AW11s. But if you don't have the fairmindedness to recognize that a stock LS1 is an impressive piece of machinery (running circles around your car all the way through the 1320) then I can't respect you or your project. I'm sure that some of my fellow domestic owners may have helped you to become cynical towards my kind, but I assure you that some of us know when to give respect to a cool project. You've got a veritable ricer's attitude (sounds harsh, but there's not other way to put it) towards the whole thing, though. I don't think it can't be fixed, though. I wish you good luck on your project, and I hope you come around sometime.
  4. the new camry V6 does a 14.6 quarter.
  5. It's got carpet too
  6. 14's isn't fast by any standards. It's quick, but not fast, and there's a big difference between the two.
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  8. Sorry, I don't feel like reading 4 pages. Is this a drag car, or a track car? I've only seen you comment about your quarter mile time.
  9. There's a reason that hillclimb cars have such huge aerodynamic work...
  10. this thread is shit. I gave up on toyotas after dropping a 4A-GE / 7A-FE in my older celica and it was still shit.
  11. This thread gives me the lulz.
  12. bump lol
  13. Thats a great project car! who cares who doesnt like it as is.. throw a few grand in it and watch them in your rearview mirror.
  15. It's a good project car, but this thread sucks because there are too many assholes posting in it.

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