My "new" BMW 740iL

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  1. 1998 740iL, 4.4 liter V8, black on black. $7500 of of ebay.

    Here it is, after Christmas, and I've got the car with me at work. I brought it home over the weekend, after a couple days of driving it around in CT.

    First impresions...

    Drives like a much smaller car. Responsive, agile (for a big car), and rather quick. V8 rumble non-existent at idle or in normal driving, but healthy roar when getting on it hard. Love that. Supremely comfortable for long distances, whicle still being supportive. Even though it has a lot of miles, the interior is perfect. And it rides and runs like new. I've already put on 350 miles on it, on all kinds of road surfaces, and there's nothing that stands out as being wrong with it. I'm going to go over the normal BMW 7 series trouble areas, but I don't anticipate much of an issue.

    I love the lines of this car. Always have. I finally got a chance to get my own pictures of it. In the meantime, I'm just enjoying driving it.

    There are a couple of small door dings, but I can live with that. And the front cupholder set doesn't work properly, but that's an easy fix. It was originally from Maine, so it has a lot of sandblasting of the headlight covers. I've got a couple new ones on order from ebay, and got the updated '99-up style trunklid trim for it as the start of the mild customization. The wheels aren't as bad in person, but I still want to get the 18" M Parallels with Vogtland 1.5" drop springs, just to set it off from the stock ones running around.

    All in all, another good transaction on Ebay. The dealership was on the up and up, and very easy to work with to get the car ready to be picked up.Now, the only question is how long will I keep it? Unlike a lot of other cars I've had, I plan on keeping it for a number of years, possibly even as long as it takes to pay it off! hehehehe.
  2. Beautiful purchase. One of the cars I would seriously consider once I get my finances steady and flowing. Great find!
  3. I really really envy you now =)
  4. Thanks, guys! It really REALLY needs a buf and good zaino job, but it's so wet and dirty on the roads right now that it's pointless. I've said I'd never have another black car for that reason but man, they look so good when they're clean...

    Now I need to get it all lined up for a "family picture" with the Fiat and Rangie.
  5. Hree's the wheels I want:
  6. Yeah those are great wheels. Shame one couldn't get this car as a standard.
  7. Those wheels look awesome on older large BMW's. I saw a red 850csi a while ago with those. Seriously hot.
  8. Well, it's got a coolant leak, looks like it's the radiator. These radiators last for about 70k miles, and this car has 140k+, so I was kind of expecting it. Luckily it's only $145 for the radiator and not a lot of actual work to change it. It's annoying to happen so soon after buying it, but as I said, I was sort of expecting it given the mileage.
  9. my dads was great, but its reliability suffered something fierce and repairs are extremely expensive <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  10. Only a couple repairs are expensive, and those have to do with replacing the earlier Alusil engines with Nikasil ones. So far, maintenance (both regular and preventive) have been quite cheap.

    These cars have known issues with their radiators, expansion tanks and water pumps. I replaced all three for less than $300, and the other known component for failure, the camshaft position sensor, I did for $100 and 15 minutes time. For a car with 150k miles on it, that's pretty good.
  11. Fresh pics, with new "Chromeline" headlights and clear corners. Also got a rear spoiler...
  12. smaller images...
  13. new taillights
  14. interior shots @ 162k miles
  15. the 19x9.5 wheels that are set to go on it...
  16. And the wheels on it.
  17. new exhaust is Magnaflow high flow catalytic converters and magnaflow dual tips, no other muflers. Quiet when it needs to be, and incredible when you get on it.

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