My new car....

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Big Nix SS, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Got rid of the WS6 and bought the pink seats?

    Just kidding guys...justthought I'd say hey since i've been MIA for awhile.
  2. Hi, Mr. Nick
  3. I knew a guy in high school that drove a Metro.
  4. I'm almost impressed with how bad that p-shop is. it takes real talent.
  5. lol, long time no see.
  6. That's cuz it's not done with Photoshop.

    That's done with MS Paint. Something you'll never understand, it's amazing just how detailed and hard it is to use Paint. lol.
  7. it was actually what i meant, im not sure why i said photoshop.
  8. Post pics of you real car.
  9. Hello, i vaguely remember you.
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  12. I knew a guy in college that drove a Metro.
  13. whats that? What brand?
  14. Geo Metro in the states. Close to the smallest car you could ever get here.
  15. Geo? who ownes that?
  16. GM, I think they made them as Opels, Chevys, Daewoos, etc in other countries.
  17. I have not seen anything as horrble looking as that so i dont think Opel.
  18. Wasn't the Suzuki Swift also based on the same platform at one time?
  19. Yeah, I believ so.

    btw Dahlis, that's a slightly older car, early 90s or so I'd guess. You can buy them in good shape for $500 or less sometimes.
  20. Almost as bad as DUI.
  21. Hey, stranger things have happened. I'm looking to buy a Miata. Not getting rid of my car though....

    Welcome back

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