My NEw Focus PPriject

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by MyWickedCorolla, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. My Focus Project

    Haha holy shit dude.
  2. My Focus Project

    Stage 2

    STFU Spyder
  3. My Focus Project

    A focus is a fine project car. His ideas are jsut retarded.

    A far more senseable list would be.
    focus specific header & exhaust
    lowering kit & new struts


    turbo kit
  4. My Focus Project

    when all is done, how much money will you have in it?
  5. My Focus Project

    way too much
  6. My Focus Project

    He could've bought a good car with it. Like a Reventon or a Veyron.
  7. My Focus Project

    Nothing about his project makes any sense. I mean a 200hp nitrous injection on top of a 500hp engine? And it's a street 4 cylinder?

    He's got one of the most popular/common cars for sport compact tuning and he won't just pick up a damn magazine and order stuff that will bolt right on with no hassle
  8. My Focus Project

    That's why you said the other day that your avatar was a pic of you with a dip of chew, right?
  9. My Focus Project

    Just buy a car that doesn't suck and don't waste your money.
  10. My Focus Project

    Stage 6 buy a new car, oh wait you've spent it on a Ford Focus.
  11. My Focus Project

    Stage 4: RWD conversion. HAhaha. Like its thaty #$%#ing simple. Ricer.
  12. My Focus Project

    Stage 6: 600HP CRATE ENGINE

    Stage 7: 700HP CRATE ENGINE

    Stage 8: 800HP CRATE ENGINE

    Stage 9: Recreate Group B
  13. My Focus Project

    Stage 9 Bumper BBQ grill
  14. My Focus Project

    Stage 10: In car shower because the bloody air con doesn't bloody well work!
  15. My Focus Project

    Stage 11: Transform in ROFFLECOPTER.
  16. My Focus Project

    BS, you don't even have a car
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  18. My Focus Project

    moar lyke out of focus amirite LOL

    and everybody knows that stage one is ALWAYS to cut a hole in the box
  19. My Focus Project

    GET a focus RS/WRC body kit and you'll earn a toon of respekt
  20. My Focus Project

    Skip stage 2.
  21. My Focus Project

    Where did all the ricer kids get this stage 1,2, 3 crap?
  22. My Focus Project

    lol @ RWD conversion

    Actually, lol @ this whole #$%#ing idea.
  23. My Focus Project

    This isn't serious.
  24. My Focus Project

    does this have a turbo?

    Do you realise how much of a pain this will be, and that you're gonna have to do alot more than that to get it anywhere near reliable?

    If you really were thinking of doing all that, stage 1 should be the engine and rwd conversion. The way you have it is going to be a big pain in the arse and waste of time/money.

    If this doesnt have a turbo and you know you're not going to do the engine/rwd conversion, you really do need some bolt ons as to not be labelled a ricer if you care..... what with the interior and body modifications you are talking about
  25. My Focus Project

    Considering that you were considering hollwoing out the cats as a serious mod indicates that this poor Focus has a retarded and tasteless owner.

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