My new toy. Lotus inside.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Jeru, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. dude... a cooper s?
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    Dont knock it, I had a heavy modded cooper S and I miss that car. Only problem is when I maxed it out the window trim kept popping out lol.
  3. why are we trying to prove to some twat whether it's HIS car? we all know it's his.
  4. That would be perfect.
  5. do it. 2 cars are always better than one
  6. I get the attraction of the Exige, but I can't see why you'd need a Cooper S if you had one. It doesn't provide you all that much extra in the way of luggage or leg room (over the Lotus); its main selling points are character and agility, both of which the Lotus does better. Actually, you'd probably find the 911 and Exige to be a better pair, though personally I'd look for something with a larger boot and cabin for my everyday car.

    On topic, nice car! We have a lot of Lotuses around town, but oddly I don't think any of them are Exiges, so yours would still be pretty exotic here in the country of parentage. I am saddened you didn't get it in orange, however.
  7. It would be his everyday driver, with a fun touch.
  8. Was that the floor model they sold you? If so I might have sat in your car <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> I assume you bought it from Fox Valley Motorcars.
  9. Ahh okay usually with new cars you're required to get a TRP, because it takes a while to register your plates. On the other hand, with used cars you can keep your old plate sometimes. That's what I was kind of iffy about but I believe you now.
  10. Post your avatar please. could you tell me something more about the rims of that 997. Congrats with the Lotus.
  11. The are the stock sport design wheels. Here is a pic of my old 997S
  12. hey, where have you been for the past several months? It seemed like last year you had 360 posts or something??

    Of course you do have a life and a job, unlike many of us on here. Love the new car btw!!!
  13. been jumping around car forums. I alway read alot here though. I kew I'd find pics of the Maser Granturismo here <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  14. fantastic car...

    without a doubt one of the best cars on the much are the Elises here in the states?

    gotta love the all black! hot!
  15. Ditto...girl...gearshift?
  16. I tried to convince my dad to get the black wheels on his elise, but he wasnt having it.
  17. AWESOME choice.
  18. let me know how it goes mechanically. the exige S (I can't get a normal exige up here) is in my running list of 5 cars for me to build something rediculous out of.
  19. Awesome car, but seriously try a car that has modded before you mod your own. Lotus are genii, and saying you know better than them is a risky business.
  20. LEAVE IT STOCK, and take the reflector off the rear wheelarch
  21. what are the other cars?
  22. so you actually went out and got it! Congratulations, man. that car must be a BLAST to drive
  23. drop a k20 or civic type r engine in there. Easy 220 hp with exhaust. Slap on a super or turbocharger. You'll find that the sourced celica engine can't compete with honda one, even at the same power rating (which it isn't)
  24. Cant, It would leave a hole. There are 6 LED lights in them too. I was thinking of tinting them. I already put a 50 watt 6000K Xenon kit and Riased Lotus lettering on the rear instead of the silver stickers. I put a new sound system in too, Couldnt handle the horrible stock one.

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