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    Wow I haven't posted in this section for a while. Anyways, I just got my site online, so if you could give it a go it would be great. Crits/comments about my design and/or site is always apprecieted!

  2. i like it coz is different from standard web sites, maybe a little too white BTW it's ok
  3. I get that you're going for the clean, simple style (that or you're lazy), but I think some things could be improved. It's a little TOO simple. A little detail here and there would help. Also, I think that pretty much everything on the designs page is too large. The text also varies quite a bit from page to page, which is never a good thing. Pages like the the resources page is about as simple and barebones as it gets.

    Like I said, there's alot you could improve on, but it's not too bad overall. No animated gifs, crazy patterned backgrounds, etc... so that's good.
  4. "I get that you're going for the clean, simple style (that or you're lazy)"

    YES! no but yeah I will add more crap to it, definitly.
  5. nice designs! Im not sure about the Ferrari SUV but the others are pretty cool.

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