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  1. All the VW Beetle talk on the forums today made me re-realise that I've always fancied owning a Beetle. So that's exactly what my next car will be, and it'll be one heck of a project.

    What will be done to it:

    -Old Porsche flat-6 shoved in the back.
    -Completly restored interior, but with subtle 'racing' seats (I still want the inside and outside to look pretty original).
    -Complete body overhaul essentially. This will probably cost more than the damn engine, but it'll be worth it. The colour will (of course) be Papaya Yellow.
    -Other things like a complete suspension change, finding some old Porsche wheels (16 inch?), and getting them recoated gun metal, and other bits and pieces.

    Now comes all the research, getting the funds, and starting it all off.
  2. Seriously, if you do this, you will #$%#ing rock. But you won't.
  3. I won't be doing it within the next 12 months probably, but I will do it. I've wanted a Beetle for so many years now. And one with a flat-6 would totally rock everyone's socks right off.

    The downside is it's going to cost a shit load. I'm going to budget for around $25k perhaps, although I haven't done enough research yet to see if this would be enough (the complete respary and repair of any rust/dents in itself will cost stacks, yet alone a flat-6). But I'll use the project to teach myself bits and pieces about it as I go.

    It will most likely be a work in progress though, and I don't think I'm likely to have everything complete within the next 5 years. But when it is finished, look out!
  4. There is nothing wrong with the beetle engine.
  5. No, you're right. At first I'll more that likely keep it in there unmodified, while I do everything else around it. But there's even less wrong with a flat-6.

    If I can't find a flat-6 for a reasonable price though, I'll just modify the Beetle engine. They can make 200bhp with a bit of work, which would make it seriously quick.
  6. Seriously, modding the beetle engine would be the way to go.
  7. I think the Beetle project is going to be put on hold for a while.

    I followed one of these today (not exactly the same, of course), and all lust over a hot Beetle went flying out the window. This is totally more my style, and in my opinion, totally more worthy of my pouring my hard earned cash into, to restore to pristine condition:
  8. damn porsche will be a hellova lot more expensive parts/work wise
  9. Just don't make it yellow.
  10. Porsches are more expensive, but there is also a number of people who know them intimatly because of their popularity. Sure, they'll be more expensive than a Japanese car, and they'll be 'higher strung' than one too, but they're also #$%#ing fantastic cars, and are pretty reliable.
  11. Papaya!
  12. This is a good idea, you can be like Bruce.
  13. I wouldn't paint it bright, proper yellow, because that doesn't look good on anything. Papaya looks extremly good, and I dare say looks better than any other colour on an old 911.
  14. Get #$%#ing McLaren stickers, for funs.
  15. My name isn't pandabeat.
  16. Get a Panda.
  17. HAHAHAomg!
  18. But seriously, you should get some obscure Japanese car that we don't get in Oz. It will piss me off.
  20. Like a '70's 911?

  21. That would be like selling a Da Vinci painting for a print of a photo taken by an infant.
  22. That is a little more German.
  23. Like a GTiR? It's already on it's way.
  24. That is something I guess I'll have to live with.

    An old school 911 is pretty much the only thing I'd be willing to sell my S14 to get. I wouldn't wanna sell it for a Beetle, and unless they bring out an S16 that's still RWD, there's not alot of good/better RWD sports cars in my price range.
  25. Since it is your car/money, okay.

    And we have GTiRs here, Azzzzzzzz.

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