My next car.

Discussion in 'Worked's Website Forum' started by christofurr, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. yeah just make sure you can afford to get it fixed when needed. alot of assholes scratch nice cars on purpose. Go the porsche though it would be so awesome to drive/own
  2. Chris V has had some cool beetles...
  3. i saw one of the old school 911s today. it looked pretty good except the owner had made a pretty shit job at cleaning it (swirl marks etc). black and left hand drive.
  4. If I buy one, I'll sell my S14 and buy a Toyota Hilux/Corolla/something I can haul stuff with and drive everyday with part of it, and put the rest towards the 911.

    That way if I'm going to town, or the supermarket, or somewhere where some mother#$%#er might scratch it, I'll take the shitter so it doesn't matter as much. It also means if something goes wrong with it, I'll have something else to drive til it's fixed, and I'll have something to tow it on a trailer up to Manfield (although poopoo the Corolla for that idea).

    I've thought about this way too much.
  5. Thats hot.
  6. I buy hot automobiles.
  7. the one i say was older school than that, and not as hot as that one.
  8. ?
  9. It's amazing how well they hold their price.
  10. yeah, that looks about right. same mags, i can tell you that for sure
  11. Out of pretty much all the Euro 'supercars' of their era, they would be the cheapest. But I think that's mostly due to their massive popularity worldwide all the way through their lifetime and odel changes. They can be had in pretty good condition for $35k NZD, sometimes less too. I saw a mint Turbo on Autopoint for $50k the other week. I needed to have it.

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