My Pics: The Woodward Dream Cruise

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by rabbitl1, Aug 20, 2006.

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    What an awesome day. I went down to Woodward and had a blast. I had a HUGE headache from all the fumes by the end of the night though. I know there's a lot of pics, but I'd suggest checking out them all. There's such a huge variety of cars. Supercars, sportscars, muscle cars, luxury cars, prewar classics, random funny cars, ricers, everything!
  2. nice collection of pics dude
    the first one really exemplifies the event, in my opinion
  3. did you like the GM performance GTO i got to see it about 2 weeks ago and fell in love with it. When the start it the ground literally shakes.
  4. Ive seen it probably 5 times now. It's ok.
  5. Nice pics as always!
  6. i love that mustang on the first page
  7. Amazing turnout would be and understatement.
  8. It's the biggest automotive event on the entire planet. There are over 40,000 cars on a 13 mile stretch of road and surrounding parking lots and such.
  9. About 1.7 million people...
  10. the hamann M6 made me hard
  11. that is a sweet gallery, you have some great pics in there.
  12. To bad it was raining form thoes pics, but still nice.
  13. It only rained for the first half of the day.
  14. nice man!
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  16. Awesome pics! Very very nice! Good work
  17. +1000 Amazing pics!
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